Tips on Argila Amazonia

1) Argila Amazonia contains formaldehyde? How can I be sure?
Argila Amazonia is completely free of formoldehyde according to evidentiary testing.

2) Argila Amazonia is compatible with other chemical processes? Are there any contraindications? Argila Amazonia can be applied to the vast majority of chemical process avaiable on the Market, including smoothing and relaxation with bases of guanidine or sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate, ethanolamine, regular perms, African permanente discoloration / locks or lights based peroxide, permanente stains, semi-permanent or tint, but have retrictions on te finished touches and other chemical applications. Should aways evalute the porosity and strength of the hair before perfoming any chemical process in the hair.
It should not be used on heavy metal-based colors and hennas.

3) can I use chemical processo n the same day of application of the Argila Amazionia?
We do not recommend apllyinf two diferentes smoothing processo n the same day. Wait 15 days for the hair to return to its natural pH around five.

4) If use Argila Amazonia it will have the same result pf a brush with formaldehyde?
Yes, and with advantagens. Argila Amazonia will leave hair with smooth, natural appearance, reducing its volume, hydrating it and giving shine to it. Itdoes catain formaldehyde, does no harm to health and does not cause allergies. Do not irritates the scalp and don’t cause hair loss.

5) The procedure is suitable for all types of hair?
Yes, but is importante Always evaluate the condition of the hair, its porosity and elasticity.

6) Argila Amazionia can be applied on pregnant women, children and adolescentes?
Pregnant women and children above 12 years old can use Argila Amazonia.

7) How long does it take the application processo f the Argila Amazonia?
About 3 hours (depending on the size and volume of the hair).

8) How long does it last the treatment of Argila Amazonia?
The result lasts 3 to 4 months, depending on the type and texture of the hair.

9) How and how often should be done retouching of Argila smoothing treatment?
Argila Amazonia is a progressive system and their effects are cumulative. Before reapplying, note the pattern of smooth and volume reduction achieved in the length tips of hair. If the result is not satisfactory, repeat the process step by step after 20 days. The standard interval between apllications is 2 to 3 months.

10) What kind of home care maintenance can be used?
It’s recommended the maintenance line of Argila Amazonia, which ensures health of the strands of hair and lasting results:
• Smooth – Prolonging Shampoo 300 ml – Infused with while argil and Murumuru
• Smooth – Extending Masque 300 ml – Infused with White argil and Murumuru
• Murumur Sealer 300 ml – Protecting and Shining spray

11) How do I get my process with Argila Amazonia las longer?
If you usually color the hair, paint them before or 15 days after application of the smoothing procedure. The dye also interferes with brush and opens the cuticle of the hair. Before drying with the dryer, do not forget to use the leave-in Murumueu Sealer 300 ml – spray protection and shine (without rinsing) with thermal protection. This will prevent the product from the brush to be removed. Do not use anti-residue shampoo, this speed up the processo f withdrawal of the technique. The ideal is to use the Smooth – Prolonging Shampoo 300 ml – Ifused with White clay and Murumuru oil. Chorine from pools and beaches are also villains to the straightened hair.

12) What the action of external agentes such as sun, sea, pool and pollution on the hair with Argila Amazonia?
There are no restrictions to external agentes, but we know that excessive exposure to external agentes can reduce the effects of the smoothing treatment.

13) Attention in the temperature of the iron according to the type of hair:
• Hair with dyed wicks, fine and sensitized, up to 180 degrees
• Thick hair up to 220 degrees

14) Whats do we wish when we make a progressive?
The desire o fone who makes a smoothing is let the hair dry on the Wind. However, it’s importante to know that the ideal is to use the dryer, even if only to draw humidity. The progressive is term activates and the heat enhances the straightening process.

15) The right brush makes all the difference.
• Paddle brush (square). Its size makes it easy to distribute the natural sebum along the hair.
• United natural bristles help to give hair shine
• The bests is to start with a fine comb to disestangle the hair.

16) Take care of you hair and let them more beautiful day by bay.
Not only on Argila Amazonia, but also on a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet depends the health of your hair.