White Clay from Amazon

White Clay is a rare and extremely pure substance, found only on the Island of Marajó. The island, located where the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the best preserved ecological sanctuaries in Brazil.

The clay forms through the decomposition of certain types of rocks over a period of thousands of years. It is rich in minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron.

Hair Argilatherapy

White Clay is famous for its use in skin care, commonly used to hydrate skin and lower stress levels. Brazilian Secrets Hair is the first company to take White Clay in a powder form, maintaining all of its beneficial properties, and use it in a professional quality haircare product. This product is the revolutionary Argila Amazon straightening system, the most effective and natural hair straightening solution on the market.

What is White Clay’s role in the straightening process?

White Clay’s molecular structure allows it to efficiently and effectively reach hair’s capillary structures. Once inside, it enriches hair with a protein called L-cisteine, an amino acid naturally produced in straight hair. This leaves Argila Amazônia treated hair an amazingly natural looking straight.

Murumuru Oil

The Murumuru seed, from which Murumuru oil is extracted, grows naturally in the Brazilian state of Pará, in the Amazonian region. It’s found along river banks and in flooded areas, in dense or semi-dense forests. It grows on a thorny palm tree that is easily recognizable due to its large leaves and long thorns.

Murumuru Oil offers numerous benefits to hair. It helps hair to recover long-lost moisture and regain its natural elasticity. Murumuru Oil is a powerful, nourishing anti-frizz oil that is unique to the Argila Amazônia line of products.